Client: ZO•ON
Role: Full stack developer

Main Challenges

  • Create an ellegant and polished experience
  • Create a multinational store
  • Integrate Wordpress and Shopify (Storefront API)
  • Seamlessly plug in into CoPlus' workflow to implement their design

Cover page


ZO·ON is an Icelandic outdoor clothing brand which was looking to increase their online sales participation. I first advised on improvements on the design we had at hand bringing in my own designer for that task and making sure the mobile experience was as good as possible, a very important aspect of e-commerce.

Then we devised a comfortable way their staff could update the website while leveraging a powerful sales platform. The result was a hybrid between Wordpress and Shopify: Wordpress was resourceful enough to allow managing different kinds of content while Shopify gave them all the tools they needed to manage their online store.

I connected these systems making use of the Shopify Storefront API and their GraphQL interface, essentially transforming Shopify’s platform into a headless e-commerce system.

Main technologies:

  • Wordpress
  • Shopify + Storefront API
  • GraphQL