IO Tskoli

Client: Tækniskólinn
Role: Full stack developer

Main Challenges

  • Create a customized Peer Assessment System
  • Create a back-end API that could be used by students to create their own interface for the system
  • Make a homey and minimalistic system that students could use on an everyday basis

The reviews page shows the instances in wich the student has given some feedbad to a peer, and the grade they got for that feedback. On the top, it's possible to see the calculated grade for that module (the course has 8 Modules).


To support the all new web development course we launched at Tækniskóli, the need for a Peer Assessment system emerged since that is one of the pillars of evaluation in the program. Other functionalities were needed too: Documentation files, People section, Recordings section, important links, etc.

So I took on the task to create a basic version of this system, called IO, which was accomplished in a couple of weeks. This MVP was released in the beginning of the course and got many rounds of improvement as the students started to give feedback about it, so the development process was heavily user-oriented.

As a result, the students could rely on this application to organize not only their assignment returns, but also as a way to keep track of what they have learned and document everything they have accomplished.

IO is in permanent development, and there are countless ideas in the backlog, waiting to be implemented. One exciting thing about it is that I expect to release it as open source software as soon as the code has been cleaned-up and documented enough.

Main technologies

  • Next.js
  • Node (API)
  • MongoDB (Cloud)
  • Strapi (CMS)