Biophilia Educational

Client: Icelandic Ministry of Education
Role: Full stack developer

The work

  • Create a custom Wordpress theme with an easy to use interface for the custom types
  • Work with the designer to create the final result (2 full scale iterations)
  • Consultancy on the information architecture to get rid of old unwanted data and make the important bits pop

Details of the homepage


This is a very dear project to me as it was part of the wonderful Biophilia Project, by the Icelandic singer Björk. The Icelandic Ministry of Education collaborated with her to create science teaching material based on the album and the result was brought to many schools across all Nordic countries.

My job was to create an institutional website that could be used mainly by teachers but also by other people interested in the project. I led the organizational planning of content and collaborated with a designer to create the website that is now available.