Client: Conbeo
Role: Co-founder / Front-end developer / UX Analyst

Main Challenges

  • Create an intuitive navigation experience since tourism marketplaces conversions are usually made fast
  • Make each page load very fast for better SEO
  • Create a friendly and efficient checkout flow

The cover page, very fresh and intuitive. It's easy to get going with the tour search, thanks to UX tweaks and user tests.


Conbeo is a marketplace for travel agents in Vietnam of which I am a co-founder and front-end developer. The travel companies can use our platform like an Airbnb for their tours. The system offers an administration panel where tours and bookings can be managed, plus an attractive website where those same tours get to be displayed and booked by visitors.

My main activities on this endeavour are:

  • Take part in strategic decision-making
  • Design great user experience for our website and product in general
  • Code all necessary bits to implement all this

This project is composed of two parts:


Initially we had a monolithic Wordpress website. As always I crafted the theme from scratch to making sure the good old WP remained lightweight and fast to load. But when we needed even more speed and the possibility of creating static pages more easily for SEO purposes I migrated the whole infrastructure to a Gatsby app, with a neat DevOps implementation to make sure all the content is consistently updated.

The result is a lightning fast website with a great mobile experience and a considerable ease of expansion to accommodate new features and demands.

Note: As of now the website is on hold due to the lack of business in tourism after the pandemics started, so it’s not currently possible to book or manage tours.

Main technologies:

  • React + Gatsby
  • Headless Wordpress CMS
  • Static hosting in AWS with automatic builds

Administration system

The travel operators who work with us have access to an administration system where they can manage all the details of their tours (descriptions of everything, availability, pricing, image gallery, etc), list and unlist them, see their bookings’ information and access a report page. These operations are made possible by consuming an API created in Java by Þorgeir Karlsson, our other developer.

Main technologies:

  • Angular 6
  • Integration with Conbeo’s API
  • Static hosting in AWS